Photo of Birdy and Rhodes, courtesy artist

As singer-songwriter David Rhodes (aka Rhodes) prepares to release his debut album Wishes next month, he's joined forces with fellow British crooner Birdy for a breathtaking new single "Let It All Go."

Both artists provide stunning vocals on this must-hear track, which they also co-produced alongside James Kenosha and Dan Grech. And at just under five minutes, it somehow doesn't seem long enough.

"Normally writing is very hard and solitary for me," Rhodes said of the powerful song, noting that he wanted to offer a "slight departure from the rest of the songs and after being immediately struck by the beauty and honesty in Birdy's voice, I thought this would be the perfect way to do it."

For her part, Birdy said writing with Rhodes "felt really natural ... I find both the strength and fragility in David's voice so beautiful."

While Wishes will be out on Sept. 18, "Let It All Go" can be heard below.