Photo courtesy GFCnewyork

Atlanta multi-hyphenate Raury has this week debuted the new video for his single "God's Whisper."

His genre-hybrid music reflects stark influences from the likes of Bon Iver, André 3000 and Kid Cudi. And while his musical offerings to date are slim, the 17-year-old is currently on track for a swift rise among music's current landscape.

"Growing up, I always had music in the back of my mind, before I even knew what it was," the singer told Billboard earlier this month. "By the time I was nine, my friend and I would talk about what we were going to do and my life purpose," noting that his goals have evolved from getting rich "so I can have all the girls" to "living a fearless life."

Watch the Andrew Donoho-directed clip below, and keep an eye out for his Indigo Child EP later this year.