Sure, Kanye West didn't seem too happy about his coming in at No. 7 on MTV's working "Hottest MCs in the Game" list, but No. 8 A$AP Rocky took his displeasure a step further, proclaiming Tuesday during a L.A. Leakers radio interview that he should be No. 1.

"I didn’t like that," he said. "I’ve been directing my videos since 22; I’m 24-years-old. All of my videos are s---ing on any hip-hop video out there, let’s be honest. The reason everyone’s wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody’s wearing diamonds, I’m the one who made glasses with the John Lennon shades with the glasses going on now. C’mon, who brought gold teeth back? I’m just being honest."

He continued: "It’s frustrating when I’m No. 8. Don’t put me on it at all."

At press time, the current working list (Nos. 10-5) are: Meek Mill (No. 10), Future (No. 9), A$AP Rocky (No. 8), Kanye West (No. 7), Big Sean (No. 6) and Drake (No. 5).

Watch the full exchange below: