Imaginary Cities on Tuesday released their video for "Bells of Cologne," the addictive single off their sophomore record, Fall of Romance. The sci-fi-driven clip features Marti Sarbit and Rusty Matyas performing surrounded by the glow of stage lights. It's quite the big, "imaginative" set of visuals for this indie act on the rise.

“I think we’ve run an interesting route because we made a name for ourselves here before even trying in the U.S.,” Sarbit told Variance in a recent interview. “But I think that already having our own sense of identity in Canada probably helped us get to, what seems like, the next level. I do notice that there are some people in the U.S. that listen to Canadian radio stations, which is interesting. And that blows my mind.”

Fall of Romance is out now on Votiv.

Watch the clip below (via Paste):