Sensibility Music on Monday unveiled a new video clip from The Civil Wars. The new visuals—albeit short in length—once again showcase the undeniable power of Joy Williams and John Paul White, their harmonies unreal and their chemistry unmatched.

Yes, we know they're currently not speaking. And White has been largely absent from all promo for their self-titled album, which arrives on Aug. 6. But this three-minute video for "Same Old, Same Old" is evidence that, despite any friction behind-the-scenes, there are very, very few musical acts in the industry today that can do what this pair does. The way they seem to make the earth stand still.

We truly hope they find a way to continue making musical magic, but watching this clip is sure to remind any fan of how special it is what we've had the honor of witnessing over the past few years.

Williams said of the track: "This isn’t an ‘I’m leaving you’ song. It’s a vulnerable confession of ‘I don’t want to leave. I want to work on this – with you.’"

Watch the video here, via VH1.