She's done it again—but she probably could have done without it.

Hot on the heels of her VMA controversy, Miley Cyrus is milking the "OMG" moments for all they're worth. As we previously pointed out, her new single, "Wrecking Ball," is a beautiful ballad from start to finish. For the video, however, Cyrus opted for a more provocative route—of course.

A naked Cyrus ultimately climbs atop a swinging wrecking ball and makes out with a sledgehammer in the new clip, directed by Terry Richardson.

As we previously reported, Cyrus will be the host and musical performer Oct. 5 on Saturday Night Live.

Is her schtick still kind of a "guilty pleasure" or was it unnecessary this time around? Either way, the song (and in many ways, the video) is still a powerful number.