Jon Bellion has done it again. With the debut of his new "Jim Morrison" video, he's proving to be an endless well of talent.

Already gaining a reputation for his creative approach, previously directing stunning visuals for all his songs on a shoestring budget, he has now shared the video for "Jim Morrison," cited as a major influence in his music.

According to a tweet from Bellion, he says Morrison "is the reason I'm not a 'pop' artist."

Jon Bellion Debuts "New York Soul" Video

The gritty video, which comes by way of director GRVTY, sees Bellion giving nods to Kanye West, Will Smith and Notorious B.I.G.

The "Jim Morrison" video comes ahead of a planned mixtape, which is expected by year's end. It follows a string of other videos recently released by Bellion, who's a co-writer and producer of Eminem & Rihanna's new hit "The Monster."

Watch the video for "Jim Morrison" below (via Complex):