Lana Del Rey has the new short film she's been teasing for weeks, as Tropico officially premiered Wednesday night in Hollywood.

The project, which arrives on VEVO around 11 a.m. on Thursday, is described as an "epic tale based on the biblical story of sin and redemption," with Del Rey taking center stage as Eve. The three-part story begins in the Garden of Eden and travels through time to modern-day Los Angeles. It is soundtracked by material from the singer's debut album, Born to Die, as well as the set's deluxe Paradise Edition.

The Rick Rubin-produced film, which also stars model Shaun Ross, was directed by Anthony Mandler, the man behind Del Rey’s videos for “National Anthem” and “Ride.”

At the premiere on Wednesday, Del Rel revealed that her next album, which is currently in progress, will be titled Ultraviolence.

Until the arrival of the VEVO version, Direct Lyrics has discovered the leak below (via Chinese web hosting site Youku).