Founded in 2010, the Wild Feathers is a group from Nashville, Tenn., that challenges the boundaries of average country music. Mixing a blend of vocals and instrument work, the band creates a sound that is anchored in the roots of country, but provides a complete listen that appeals to fans of all genres.

Through coincidence and happenstance, the four members of The Wild Feathers came together in Austin, Texas, and began their journey to where they are today. Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly come from different musical backgrounds and each experienced their own musical path, but blend together in complete cohesion to create a unique experience for listeners. Using elements of folk, rock, blues and an all-over country vibe, each song proves to be its own experience and promises to earn fans amongst a variety of musical backgrounds.

Although the band has yet to release an album, The Wild Feathers is signed to Warner Bros. Records and has been on stage with Delta Spirit, The Heavy and was even a part of Paul Simon’s 2011 fall tour. If bands are also judged by the company they keep, then this act is on track for great success in the future.

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It is promised that fans of country music (and many others!) will fall in love with the carefree sounds and musical stylings of this up-and-coming group.

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