Earlier Wednesday, Saturday Night Live announced updates to its schedule for the current season, adding Anne Hathaway as host for Nov. 10 with musical guest Rihanna, as well as first-time host Jeremy Renner on Nov. 17 with music by Maroon 5. Hathaway has previously hosted the NBC comedy show and garnered high marks from critics and fans, but this will mark the fourth time for performances by Rihanna and The Adam Levine Band.

Although Maroon 5's latest album Overexposed released back in June, their singles are still relevant chart-toppers, and it makes sense that the same network airing The Voice would give coach Levine's band this platform on the late-night comedy series. And it's likely millions of women won't complain about the tatted-up pop-rocker's additional screen time.

But why Rihanna? Sure, her new album Unapologetic releases the following week, and we know it's always about promo, but has SNL forgotten about the Barbadian songstress's performance on the show just six months ago (May 5, to be exact)? We get it, she's got new music out, but this is Rihanna. She releases a new album every year. And this will mark her second appearance in 2012.

To put things even more in perspective, last season, SNL aired 22 new episodes -- and will likely have about the same amount this season as well. With such a small amount of real estate, why bring back the same performer from only nine episodes prior?

It's not that we have anything against frequent performers. Alec Baldwin seems to show up once a year, but that's Alec Baldwin. He can do that. And Justin Timberlake--he can stop by any time he wants (those are usually the best episodes). It's also not anything specifically against Rihanna, but SNL's most successful moments are the showstoppers, the viral videos, the tweetable content, the clips that keep people talking into Monday morning. But Rihanna -- although she's had her share of those "moments" -- is a safe choice, a "vanilla" choice.

With so many up-and-comers, so many buzzed-about musicians, so many original-yet-relevant choices out there, surely Lorne Michaels and Co. could recruit someone that still racks up retweets, yet hasn't been on the show as much -- if ever. Give us some fresh (or somewhat fresh) faces, guys. Kendrick Lamar? Ellie Goulding (again)? Meek Mill? deadmau5? The Killers? Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music? We'd even take Ke$ha, if having a new album is a prerequisite.

Anyway, all that to say: we'll still be tuning it, but with the fresh-yet-current pair of Louis C.K. and fun. slated for this coming week (Nov. 3), it's hard to go back to status quo the following week. At least say you'll give it some thought?