Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel

Capital Cities, the L.A. duo comprised of Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, premiered their new video for "Safe and Sound" on Thursday. The track is the lead single off the pair's forthcoming album, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, which takes its title from the song's lyrics.

The single has been attracting more attention in recent months, after its debut in 2012, first obtaining radio airplay in Merchant’s hometown, San Francisco.

"That was kind of a big moment," Merchant recalled when we went backstage with the band last month at Perez Hilton's private SXSW showcase. (Side note: they're some of the nicest guys, honestly.) "San Francisco is my hometown, so getting added and knowing that my song was going to be on the radio was big. It let us know we were going to have some radio success.”

Success it has certainly had! The single has since began spreading organically, leading to a crop of remixes and countless radio spins.

"When we wrote the song, we felt like we wrote a good song," Simonian told us. "We were excited about it, so because of that, we wanted to make sure that the production of the song was just right. So, it actually took us almost two years to get it right. We demoed it at first, and then we flushed it out and it was a lot more rock, the tempo was even a little bit slower. We just kept at it and then finally we ended up with the current production, which is a lot more electronic than how we first started—and we added a trumpet. We just kind of experimented with it until we felt like it was just right.”

In our opinion, the song definitely feels right, and the new set of visuals, glimmering and quirky, complement the track perfectly. In the Grady Hall-directed video, Merchant and Simonian are seen dancing inside the newly renovated Los Angeles Theatre with a ton of friends, both new and old.

We anticipate—and hope—"Safe and Sound" continues its rise to become a bona fide summer hit, which would be absolutely perfect.

In A Tidal Wave of Mystery arrives June 11 via Capitol Records/Lazy Hooks. It also includes guest appearances by Andre 3000, vocalist Shemika Secrest and NPR’s Frank Tavares on the song, “Farrah Fawcett Hair.”

Watch the video for "Safe and Sound" below: