Photo by Cameron Postforoosh

It’s a new day for Moi J. Quinn, Sean Chapman and Matthew McEwan. Formerly part of West Coast rock outfit Tomorrows Bad Seeds, the trio found new energy last year and began writing for what would eventually morph into a completely different band called LIFE.

Of course, the plan was never intentionally to divert from TBS. “But it just happened,” Chapman recalled, speaking with Variance. “We didn’t sit down and go, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to do now.’ But as it was happening, we knew. We knew this was the new path for us.”

While Chapman acknowledged that many of their old fans have migrated over to LIFE, he said this isn’t simply a continuation of their previous band but rather “our next chapter. It’s nothing against what we did before and not to say that it wasn’t honest and real, but we’ve matured and grown up since that band first started. Our sound has matured. With Tomorrows Bad Seeds, we were a garage band. We found a scene and things just started happening.”

As the band moves forward into this next phase, it would certainly be understandable if they had reservations or felt intimidated by the rapidly moving industry. But instead, they’re excited about the opportunity to once again build something from the ground up.

“We believe one of the things that keeps us alive is challenges,” explained Chapman. “We’re confident in this new music and we really trust each other at this point, so we have that assurance of knowing we’re all in this together.”

LIFE’s new EP, R U D W N ?, is out on May 26. Watch the video for the title track below and follow the band on Facebook.