Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Arrested Development is returning for its fifth season on May 29, Netflix confirmed on Monday.

The news came in the form of the first trailer for the new episodes, with the premiere date appearing at the end of the newly released clip.

While a lot is still unknown about the new episodes, Jason Bateman previously assured fans the cast will be seen together much more than in season 4, which isolated most of the family members into their own story lines, drawing mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

Bateman had also hinted at the effect of the Trump administration on season 5, noting the parallels between the Trumps and the Bluths, the latter of whom are a bumbling, ridiculously wealthy real estate family not above shady deals with foreign entities. And they both tried using a wall between the U.S. and Mexico for personal gain.

"None of that is lost on [creator] Mitch Hurwitz. He’s aware of all of that stuff," Bateman said last July. "And he and his writing staff have been in a cave for the last two or three months crafting these episodes, and they’re going to lean into a lot of that [Trump] stuff for sure. They can’t wait."

See the trailer below.