hotjohnmichael in 'GOD AGAIN' video

Los Angeles artist John Michael Mukai (aka hotjohnmichael) isn't waiting until the weekend to release his new music. He's out today with his new single "GOD AGAIN."

Proving just how relatable a song it is, the track's opening lyrics declare: "Tough year, it really hit home." Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for a lot of people. But of course, Mukai is speaking for himself, while instantly doing what so great songwriters do, making you feel like he's telling your story or talking to you.

"'GOD AGAIN' is about a time where I was at a low point and I let my friends know I was hurting," the artist says of the new track. "They said they were too, and we leaned on each other in our time of need."

The song, which fuses hip-hop production with gritty, pop-punk core, is accompanied by a video featuring Mukai strapped to a chair but then breaking free. 

He says: "I wanted a really simple and clean vid to introduce myself and let the song speak for itself. The imagery of my arm coming back together is an abstract theme to subtly convey the song concept."

Check out "GOD AGAIN" below.