The Weekly Mashup

In this final week before the 2010 "holiday season" officially begins, there was plenty going on! But if you happen to have missed some of the top stories, don't worry because we've got you covered!

The media couldn't stop talking about the TSA's changes in airport security checks. Blake Griffin shocked fans, commentators, colleagues, and the blogosphere with some crazy moves on the court. And Steve Jobs checked another item off his bucket list this week as the Beatles' entire catalog became available on iTunes.

Meanwhile, the tech world dominated headlines--as usual--with announcements of new features (Amazon's MP3 gifting), new partnerships (Myspace + Facebook), new battles (Facebook v. Google), and new services (Apple + News Corp = iPad Newspaper).

This coming week is a short one. We hope you'll be spending time with loved ones and enjoying some great food. Happy [early] Thanksgiving!

This is your MashUp of all the news you may have missed for the week ending November 21, 2010:

RIAA Continues Crackdown on LimeWire

Blake Griffin Stuns NBA World with Dunkfest

New Harry Potter Film Tops Box Office, Outperforms Previous Sequels

Touched by TSA? Win an iPod

Windows Celebrates 25 Years

Facebook Wants to Be Your Homepage

Boy Publicly Strip Searched by TSA

The Beatles Available on iTunes; Web is Apathetic

TSA Search Leaves Traveler Covered in Urine

Myspace Mashup "Connects" with Facebook

Amazon Introduces MP3 Gifting Feature

Christian Commentator Blasts Medal of Honor as "Feminized"

Apple to Offer Free MobileMe?

Debt Collectors Stop Calling, Start Facebook-Stalking

Hulu Officially Launches Paid Service

Sufjan Stevens Changes Mind, Performs Jimmy Fallon

Groupon Could Be Most Expensive Purchase for Google

EMusic Adds Major Labels, Higher Price Tiers

Start-up Introduces Technology to "Create Studio-Quality Music"

Google Publishes Its Own eBook

Murdoch Plans iPad "Newspaper" in 2011

Facebook v. Google Heats Up: Facebook Removes Gmail Import

Fox Moves American Idol to Wednesdays & Thursdays

Sarah Palin's Made-Up Word Added to Dictionary

Prince William is Engaged

The Weekly Mashup

It has been a whirlwind of a week in news.

Conan O'Brien and George W. Bush both made a massive resurgence this week on television. Music greats of the past (Michael Jackson, Amy Grant) were back in the news. 4,500 people landed safely in San Diego after being stranded for days on a cruise ship without power. And Facebook dominated the blogosphere conversation this week.

Speaking of social media, the power of Web 2.0 was once again in full operation as word spread of Christian missionary Asia Bibi's recent sentence to death (for "blasphemy") in Pakistan. From John Bevere to the Huffington Post and CNN, many are rallying to save this woman's life.

Here's the MashUp for the week ending November 12, 2010:

Conan Returns to TV

Amazon Pulls Pedophile's Book After Uproar

Paisley Finally Wins CMA's Entertainer, Paltrow Goes Country

1 Billion Music Downloads Forecast by 2014

Toys R Us Opening at 10pm Thanksgiving Night

Christian Woman Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Blasphemy

Windows Phone 7 Devices Make Debut

No More Drunk Posts on Facebook

George W. Bush Back in Spotlight with New Memoir

Yahoo! Pushes Back Against Layoff Rumors, Doesn't Deny Them

Kanye Cancels Performance Because of Feud with Matt Lauer

Amazon Tries to Make Good with Newspapers, Magazines

Ping Connects with Twitter

Focus on the Family to Sponsor Discussion Over Homosexuality

E-book Readers: Better, Cheaper

Facebook Won't Share with Google

Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Launching 2011 Tour Together

Facebook Post Leads to Firing, Stirs Debate, Prompts Labor Board to Respond

Americans Now Stream as Much as They Download

Google Gives Millions in Raises to Keep Staff From Leaving for Competitors

Michael Jackson Releases New Single with Akon

Stranded Cruise Ship Arrives in San Diego

The Weekly Mashup

As if you needed reminding, your city's major intersections are a lot cleaner and you're probably seeing more Old Spice and eTrade baby commercials--because the 2010 elections have come and gone.

This week was also great for the music industry. Lil Wayne was released from jail. But more importantly, Taylor Swift surpassed 1 million copies of her new album sold in one week. (It's been five years since an artist reached such a benchmark.) By comparison, this year's hit-makers Katy Perry and Eminem sold 192,000 and 741,000 copies, respectively, in their first week this year. Swift sold 1,047,000 last week.

Also in the news this week, Reverend Billy Graham has turned 92. One of most respected and well-known evangelists of the 20th century, Graham says he still has a sermon in his heart.

Here's what you missed for the week ending November 7, 2010:


Weezy is Out of Jail

Billy Graham is 92, Still Has Sermon in His Heart

Microsoft Kinect Goes Live

Justin Bieber the Author?

Kids' Book Prizes to Include Gay, Lesbian Awards

Did Democrats Fail to Reach Religious Voters?

Twitter Ads Becoming More Prominent

Hello, 3D Phones

Michael Jackson Releasing New Album Next Month

T-Mobile Blames Poor Performance on iPhone

Good Charlotte Releases New Album

Idol's Jason Castro Releases New Album to Christian Market

Google Instant Now on iPhone, Droid

Borders Teams Up with Build-a-Bear for Holiday Charity Drive

MGM Files for Bankruptcy

Rolling Stone: 127 Hours A Must-See

Live Nation 2010 Summer Concert Sales Down

Free MP3 Download from Cahn & Yang

Singer Lily Allen in Hospital for Blood-Poisoning

Twitter Following Predicts 2010 Governor Wins

The Weekly Mashup

After a week of dirty politics, costume hunting, and attempted terror plots, hopefully your weekend plans consist of nothing more than relaxing and having fun.

If you're like the rest of America, Tuesday cannot come any faster. Thank God for DVR; otherwise, watching Modern Family with 50 political ads might be somewhat painful. Thankfully, Halloween is Sunday and hopefully you've got your Snooki hair pouf or your Lady Gaga meat dress in tact.

In case you missed the week's news, we've got you covered. You may have heard already, but Celine Dion gave birth to twins, Scott Tissue debuted its new TUBELESS TOILET PAPER, and there's now 3G service atop Mount Everest (because the first thing you want to do when you reach the top of Mount Everest is get on Twitter).

Here is the MashUp for the week ending October 30, 2010:

Sony Music Cuts Staff

Russell Brand Gives Katy Perry Tiger for Wedding

Barnes & Noble Nook E-Reader in Color

Chris Hughes: In 5 Years It Will All Be "Social"

Myspace Unveils New Look & Logo

Tubeless Toilet Paper Makes Debut

Buy Candy with PayPal, Phone, & Twitter

LCD vs. E-Ink: Eye-Strain Debate

Celine Dion Gives Birth to Twins

Facebook, PayPal Join Forces

Facebook Introduces Friendship Pages

Mount Everest [Finally!] Gets 3G

PETA Offers to Foot Lohan's Rehab Bill

Bullock, Winfrey, & Streep to Star in New Film

TJ Lavin Out of Coma

Snooki, Lady Gaga Top 2010 Costumes

Apolo Ohno Tells His Story

Court Orders LimeWire to "Disable Software"

Tell Variance: What are Your 2011 Goals?

Let's face it. The "holiday season" unofficially begins this week. In just a few short weeks, we'll welcome a new year. Have you thought about your 2011 new year's resolutions? What are they? What do you think your chances are of sticking to your goals? Feel free to share. Your thoughts might be featured in the upcoming issue of Variance. :)

Hello, Halloween

It's that time of year again! Yes, the World Series. And Halloween. What are you dressing up as this year? Do you have any favorite traditions? What are you looking forward to about October 31st? You have three days left to plan that awesome costume...Good luck!

The Weekly Mashup

Interesting week, this one. From baby news to scandalous photo shoots, the entertainment sector has been busy. And a cholera outbreak in Haiti has authorities and humanitarians concerned. But the week wouldn’t be complete without news from Apple, Starbucks, and Toyota. In case you didn’t have time to keep up, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s the weekly MashUp.

The Weekly Mashup

Across the globe, one story dominated headlines this week. After two long months trapped underground, the Chilean miners were finally rescued as millions watched live.

In the midst of a nasty U.S. election season, celebrity drama, and over-hyped tech battles, few people were complaining about the coverage for a historical rescue from 2,000 feet below.

In case you missed the happenings of the last seven days, here's your MashUp for the week ending October 16, 2010:

World Cheers as All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued

Steve Jobs Hosts Zuckerberg for Ping Pong

T.I. Saves Life Before Sentenced Back to Prison

TJ Lavin in Critical Condition, Coma

'The Hobbit' [Finally] Gets Green Light

Borders to Offer eBook Self-Publishing

Shyne Criticizes Def Jam Records (His Label)

Google Shares Hit $600

Skype, Facebook Join Forces

Twitter "Events" Feature on Horizon

Kutcher Sells Tweet-Based Show to CBS

Book Thrown at Obama, Streaker Arrested

In Theaters: Jackass 3D, Red

Live Nation Chairman Steps Down

Ting Tings Going Back to "DIY"

'The View' Co-Hosts Walk Off Set Live

Beastie Boys Working on New Album

Bing Unveils New Katy Perry Game

Pixies Dedicate 33 Songs to 33 Miners

XM Sirius on Upswing in Third Quarter

October Issue Goes Live

The October issue of Variance Magazine is now live!

The latest edition includes the Goo Goo Dolls, Spill Canvas, Matthew Mayfield, Memphis May Fire, Underoath, and so much more!

Due to the release of Variance today, there will be no MashUp for the week ending October 1, 2010.

Check out Variance now!

The Weekly Mashup

It's 10.10.10; do you know what happened this week?

As you've probably noticed, it's been a busy time! We released the second issue of Variance Magazine online and the response has been enormous! We've had over 100,000 hits just in the last week alone.

Because of the newly-unleashed Issue #2, there was no MashUp last week. However, if you've been out of the loop the past seven days or simply don't have time to keep up, you're in luck.

It was a very interesting week, with some staggering headlines. Here's the MashUp:

Google Tests Cars That Literally Drive >>

Kanye West Makes SNL History, Names New Album >>

Voice of Dora the Explorer Sues Nickelodeon >>

Glee Tops Beatles Record for Most Hit Singles >>

Parent Organizations Blast New Miley Cyrus Video >>

Facebook Announced New "Groups" Feature >>

Ryan Seacrest to Start Television Network >>

Apple Working on Subscription-Based Music >>

Google TV Announces Programming Partners >>

Motorola Sues Apple, Seeks to Block iPhone Sales >>

Gene Simmons: Music Industry Didn't Have B***s >>

Facebook Founders Give $170k to Legalize Pot >>

Barnes & Noble eBook Platform "PubIt!" Arrives >>

Ticketmaster Will No Longer Pay Affiliates $$$ >>

Ohio State Takes No. 1, Alabama Falls >>

The Social Network Tops Box Office Again >>

In Theaters: Life as We Know It, Secretariat, More >>

Borders Makes Changes, Amps Up Merchandising >>

Worries Over Illegal eBook Downloads Grow >>

Verizon iPhone Rumors Gain Credibility >>

The Weekly Mashup

Perhaps you were one of the five people surprised by American Idol's press announcement Thursday. Maybe you've had your fingers crossed for the Verizon iPhone.

In that case, this week's headlines may be of interest for you.

As Idol heads into its last guaranteed culturally-relevant season, Sesame Street yanks a Katy Perry appearance ahead of its season premiere, and Blockbuster (finally) files for bankruptcy, it was a week of few surprises. But in case you missed it, we've got the stories and headlines that dominated web searches and trending topics!

Here is your weekly MashUp for the week ending September 24, 2010!

BlackBerry to Launch Tablet Computer

Fox Officially Announces Steven Tyler and J.Lo as New Judges

Teen Receives 21,000 Facebook RSVPs for Birthday Party

Ellen: Wife's Legal Name Changed to Portia DeGeneres

Google Says Internet Freedom is Declining

US Album Sales Recover Slightly After 19-Year Lows

Australian Teen Reveals Twitter Glitch, Takes Blame for Chaos

NBC's "The Event" Debuts with 11 Million Viewers

Bruno Mars Finally Lands at No. 1 on Hot 100

Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington...Good or Bad?

Irony: Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy; Netflix Expands

Jurassic Park: The Musical Makes VH1's Best Week Ever

Target to Start Carrying iPad in Stores

In Theaters Now...Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, You Again

Citi Bank CEO Getting Raise from $1 Salary

Ideas for Celebrating Banned Books Week

PlayStation 3 Can Now Play 3D Blu-Ray

NBC Chief Jeff Zucker Leaving Network

Facebook Making FarmVille Less Annoying

1.4 Millions Would Switch from AT&T to Verizon

James Blunt Checking into Facebook Places

Verizon CEO Kills iPhone Speculation

Adobe Releases Video-Editing Software for Mac

Wal-mart Gets Aggressive, Reverts Back to Smaller Stores

Amazon Spruces Up Kindle Android App

Flat-screen TV Prices Getting Dirt Cheap for Christmas

Joaquin Phoenix Explains Hoax to Letterman

Jon Stewart Says He's Saddened by President Obama

Katy Perry's Sesame Street Video Canceled Upon Backlash

Lupe Fiasco and Fans to Protest Record Label

More Bumps in Road for Apple Ping: No Facebook Integration

Myspace Melts Down with Music

The Weekly Mashup

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In case you were on a vacation from the Internet this week, we've got you covered.

It's the weekend, baby. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the recap of all the stories that made ripples and waves over the last seven days!

From Oprah's Australian Adventure to a week without Facebook, this is your MashUp for the week ending September 18, 2010

Variance Magazine Announces Goo Goo Dolls as October Cover Story

Eminem, Jay-Z Bring Fans to Tears in Epic Stadium Show

Lady Gaga Sweeps the VMAs, Nabs Top Award

Twitter Gets Major Overhaul, Millions Waiting for New Features to Be Activated

Oprah Kicks Off Final Season with Bang, Taking Audience Members to Australia

Facebook CEO Zuckerburg Confesses to Controversial Instant Messages

Google to Combine Music Store with Online Storage

OnStar to Connect with Text Messages and Facebook Statuses

Music Shake-up at Warner Bros. as Top Exec Leaves

FCC to Pave Way for "Super Wi-Fi"

Starbucks Menu Changes Cause Stir

New in Theaters: The Town, Easy A, Devil, Never Let Me Go

Joaquin Phoenix "Documentary" is Not Real

Wal-Mart Announces Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Google to Make Core Products More Social

T-Mobile Sued for Blocking Pot-Related Text Messages

Barnes & Noble Expects $1 Billion Revenue from eBook Sales by 2013

Wildly Popular Music Service Spotify U.S. Launch May be Delayed Again

Kings of Leon Don't Want to Be "Too Popular"

President Obama Writes a Children's Book

Ellen DeGeneres Signs Second Artist to Her Label

UK Teen Banned from America After E-mailing Obama

Penn. College Tries Week Without Social Media

Android Gains Market Share on Competition