Photo of 'Arrested Development' creator Mitch Hurwitz with cast in season 4, by Sam Urdank

After months (years?) of delays, Arrested Development will finally start shooting its fifth season next month.

Jason Bateman said in a new interview with The Daily Beast he has "no idea what’s ahead" because he hasn't gotten a script yet. "We start shooting in two weeks and I keep checking my phone for the first script," he admitted. "But it’s going to be amazing hanging out on the set again with that cast and that crew. I can’t wait."

He also revealed the absurdity of the Trump administration is making an impact on the storylines of the long-awaited new episodes, especially given the eerie parallels between the Trumps and the Bluths, the latter of whom are a bumbling, ridiculously wealthy real estate family not above shady deals with foreign entities. And they also tried to profit off a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

"None of that is lost on [creator] Mitch Hurwitz. He’s aware of all of that stuff," Bateman said. "And he and his writing staff have been in a cave for the last two or three months crafting these episodes, and they’re going to lean into a lot of that [Trump] stuff for sure. They can’t wait."

Bateman also made clear the show is addressing some of the issues from last season (its first on Netflix) which drew the most criticism, namely the split timelines and lack of episodes featuring the whole cast.

"We’re all together. We don’t have the same limitations that we had on us back then," he said, admitting there were setbacks for the fourth season, which premiered back in 2013. "There were series exclusivities back then. Tony [Hale] for one, on Veep, couldn’t be on two shows at the same time ... But this time, we’ll all be together and it won’t be like nine spin-offs." 

Although an official premiere date hasn't been set, the new season of Arrested Development is expected to arrive in mid-2018.