Spotify's rise around the world continues, having launched Tuesday in Australia and New Zealand after months of delays. With more than 10 million users worldwide and a catalog of 16 million tracks, the company is confident in its appeal to consumers. According to Managing Director Kate Vale, 80 percent of Spotify users prefer the free service over a premium (paid) subscription.

While questions abound over Spotify's ability to persuade users to pay for its service, the company takes credit for a decline in illegal downloads and file sharing. It's an arguable claim, but critics--including musicians--still have questions: What are artists actually getting paid? What are the labels themselves getting paid? And why is everything such a secret?

During an interview with Triple J Radio's Scophie McNeill on Tuesday, Kate Vale answered a number of questions about the company's transparency issues. Although a cordial exchange, things got a little awkward as Vale struggled to explain some of Spotify's policies.

Listen to a four-minute portion of McNeill's interview here.

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