Adele has said she'd love to team up with Beyonce.

The singer, who reportedly pulled out of a duet with the star at last year's Glastonbury festival, told French radio station NRJ she is still keen to collaborate.

She added: "I adore Beyonce, I've been listening to her since I was about 11. I think her work as an artist and a singer is enviable in terms of the length of her career and how she's grown and grown, but most of my inspirations are [from] old music and sadly they have all died."

Last month her LP, overtook Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms to become the sixth biggest selling album of all time in the UK. It has now sold 4.15 millions copies in the UK, meaning the equivalent of one in six of the country's households now own a copy the album.

After joking about taking a half-decade to follow up the chart-topping, Grammy-winning 21, Adele now says her next full-length will take "a good two years."

"If I didn't write my own songs, I'd be out next week with a new album," she told NRJ. "I have to take time and live a little bit. There were a good two years between my first and second albums, so it'll be the same this time."

However, she did promise a new single, "probably by the end of the year" -- a track the BBC predicts could be the theme song for the next James Bond film, Skyfall. 007's latest is due in theaters Nov. 9, 2012.

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