Image from 'Bon Appétit' video

Katy Perry has shared the video for her new single "Bon Appétit," featuring Migos.

In the clip, directed by Dent De Cuir, Perry is seen sealed in plastic like a food item. She is then surrounded by chefs, who tear through the packaging with knives and then toss the singer into flour before kneading her like dough. She is then garnished up and thrown into a boiling pot of soup before being served like a meal in a club.

While Perry sits on a table, Migos are seen in the distance rapping until the singer emerges from the dish and dances on a stripper pole. Strangely, it quickly becomes obvious she was just teasing, because it's actually the dinner guests—not Perry—who will apparently be on the menu. 

Watch the video and the bloody finish below.

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