Following wins at most of the major awards ceremonies leading up to Sunday's Academy Awards, Anne Hathaway appears to be all but locked in for an Oscar. The former "Princess of Genovia," as she referred to herself last month in her Golden Globes acceptance speech, is nominated for Supporting Actress for her role in Les Misérables. But if her previous speeches are any indication, we'd rather just skip this one.

The Bieber-haired actress earlier this month gave an awkward speech upon winning at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards, one that actually makes Taylor Swift's infamous faux surprised speeches look mildly decent.

Barring some surprise swing in Sally Field's favor for her role in Lincoln—or divine intervention, be prepared for Hathaway to take home the gold. This is on top of viewers already having to endure a performance by Barbra Streisand.

Thankfully, Adele will also perform "Skyfall" on Sunday. Let's hope that's not the extent of positive moments in the Seth MacFarlane-hosted event. What will you do on Sunday during Hathaway's painful banter?

Watch Hathaway's BAFTA speech below:





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